army credentialing Opportunities on-line (COOL)


Benefits of the Army COOL Program

$4,000 in educational benefits

The Army Credentialing Opportunities On-Line Program covers up to $4000.00 for all Cyber Brain Academy training

increase soldiers competiveness

Increase the Soldier’s value and competitiveness by attaining industry recognized credentials

improve retention of quality soldiers

Improve overall Army readiness through retention of quality Soldiers through Cyber Brain Academy's quality training

enhance soldiers career progression

Provides Soldiers with skills and capabilities reflective of civilian qualification

Request Training Through the Army COOL Program

    Frequently asked questions

    All CA Requests must be submitted at least 30 business days prior to the course or exam start date.

    Upon approval of the CA Request, ArmyU will contact the Soldier either by phone or email with next steps. Most requests are processed no later than 3 days prior to the training course and/or exam start date. If a response has not been received at least 3 days prior to the start date, please email

    Yes, as an approved training vendor, all Cyber Brain Academy’s on-demand and instructor-led training can be paid for through the Army COOL Program

    Army COOL is not the same as the Army CA Program. It is a repository for all credentials that Soldiers wish to pursue. Army COOL lists credentialing agencies that meet COOL credential standards

    COOL is authorized for the payment of expenses for classroom, hands-on, or online/blended training and courses, materials, manuals, study guides, text books, processing fees, test fees, and other expenses related to the attainment or recertification of credentials.

    Yes, Soldiers may work on multiple credentials simultaneously or sequentially. Prior to using CA, Soldiers must submit a credential request for each credential pursued.

    CA is subject to the same funding ceiling as TA. A Soldier may use both TA and CA; however, the combined usage by any Soldier shall not exceed the fiscal year TA limit.

    Any Army COOL and Army Credentialing Assistance information present on Cyber Brain Academy’s website does not consent endorsement by Army COOL, US Army, or DoD. Contact Us